Wellington Barn Wedding Photographer

Q. Are you a full-time photographer?

A. Yes! I am a full-time professional wedding and corporate photographer.


Q. Do you do formal group shots?

A. I am always asked if I photograph group shots as I don't show them on here and the answer is yes. Formal groups are not always a favourite time of the wedding day so I work really hard to make it as quick and easy a process as possible. The planning starts weeks before the wedding when I will ask you to think hard about the groups that you would like photographed produce a list with names. On the day I have copies of those groups so, with the help of the Best Man or Usher(s), we can quickly and efficiently organise your guests to be photographed giving you more time to enjoy having a drink and mingle with the people who mean the most to you.


Q. What if I forget a group or want to change something on the day

A. No problem! I am there to provide the service you require. I never book two weddings on the same day so I will not be constantly looking at my watch because I have to be somewhere else. We will have agreed a level of coverage in advance and the packages are based on these events not an amount of time.


Q. What will you be dressed like on the wedding day?

A. I pretty much dress like a guest. I aim to document your wedding and tell a story so it helps if I can blend in and not be noticed, So I wont be wearing jeans or a branded polo shirt, as I will stick out like a sore thumb!


Q. How long before I get to see my pictures?

A. With your permission I will post a sneak peek of the images on my blog a couple of days after the wedding. The complete set of pictures will be delivered around 4 weeks after the wedding.


Q. How many pictures can I expect?

A. The price guide gives and indication of the number of images you can expect but this is usually massively conservative. The number of images varies depending to the complexity of the wedding, some weddings are very detail orientated and there is a large amount to document so the number of images goes up. I do not limit to the number of images mentioned in the packages, you will get all of the usable images from the day, i.e. if I have taken a picture of my foot by accident I will leave it out!


Q. How will the pictures be delivered?

A. The pictures will be delivered on a custom boxed USB drive. You also get a password protected web gallery 


Q. What will be on the USB drive.

A. I'm so glad you asked! The USB drive will include all of the high resolution colour pictures from the day, it will also include the same images in black and white. So if there are 800 pictures from the day you will get 800 colour pictures and 800 black and white pictures. Additionally I will produce all of the colour and black and white pictures in a resolution better suited for Facebook, Twitter etc. The high resolution pictures are so big that would take ages to upload to Facebook so I include the small file for sharing on social media.


Q. Do I get the copyright on the images?

A. No and well, yes! Copyright law is complicated. You do not get copyright but you get a Print Right. The print right give you permission to do pretty much anything except sell the images for a profit. So you can print them, when and where you like, you can post them to Facebook etc you just cannot profit from them.