Elaine Parker - Final Year Collection

Elaine created the collection for her final year exam and it was finished just moments before we started shooting.

Our afternoon began with meeting up at mine where Holly, our makeup artist, did hair and makeup. Check Holly out here hollyandersen.wordpress.com she does amazing work! So with makeup done May, our model got into the first outfit and we left for the location.

I had found a location based on a brief Elaine gave me which on the day was ok but just beyond it was the perfect location. The only thing standing between us at the perfect location was a barbwire fence, not so easy with a model in a dress, a makeup artist and a stylist. Well after fashioning steps out of a chair we were using as a prop and my camer bag, think tank bags are the best, check them out here!, we all made it safe and sound.

May worked hard to produce stunning images battleling near gail force winds. Holly also did a great job keeping makeup and hair in check.

Here are pictures from the shoot:

Mark Outram Photography

Mark Outram Photography Mark Outram PhotographyMark Outram PhotographyMark Outram PhotographyMark Outram PhotographyMark Outram Photography