Steph and Tom's Wedding

Well this was a wedding to remember!

Steph and Tom got married in Guildford on 18th of December and when I got the booking I thought it would be a nice end to year of fantastic weddings!

Well the 8 inches of snow that fell tested my continuity planning to the max but I made it to the wedding, I had more equipment in the car to get me there or prepare for a night in the car than photography gear.

The reception was canceled due to the weather conditions but the ceremony went ahead and it was a very nice service with a very modern reading I have never heard, 'a modern love', it fitted them perfectly.

I have never met such a laid back couple even when tested by those conditions, if they can get through that then their marriage can survive anything.

Here are a few pictures from the ceremony:

Mark Outram PhotographyMark Outram Photography

Mark Outram Photography
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