Claire Hanson Makeup

So, I'm pretty much up to date now and this is my latest shoot.

Claire contacted me to see if I would shoot some portfolio images for Maritza, a makeup artist she was training. Maritza is a professional model and is looking to swap sides of the camera.

Claire is a very experienced makeup artist having worked in the industry for 10 years and has worked everywhere from london fashion week to musicians like Lionel Richie and Bon Jovi.

Claire has an amazing house to shoot in which made a perfect location, each room is decorated differently and everyone of them looked as though it had been lifted straight from the pages of a magazine.

The aim was to shoot three different looks and give Maritza experience of working with a photographer and under a little pressure!

The first setup was a natural / nude look for the makeup and the location was a bedroom that has an amazing amount of natural light flooding in. I first tried to balance it with a reflector and then settled on a large softbox.

Mark Outram PhotographyThe second look involved a really neat pony tail tied with her hair which looked really cool and the makeup was more of a beauty look. We tried to shoot this in a north facing room but the light was a little flat for the style. We explored a couple more rooms and settled on the bathroom which was almost completely white creating a natural tri-reflector perfect for the beauty shot I was going for.

Mark Outram Photography

For the last look a red high coat was added, the makeup was tweaked slightly and some red lips! 

For this shot we headed outside and took advantage of the blue door which bought out Charlotte's eyes.

Mark Outram Photography 

We finished up by using a small lane to shoot a full length series using the wall to give perspective and direction.

Mark Outram PhotographyHere are some BTS (Behind The Scenes) shots to finish up.

Mark Outram Photography Mark Outram Photography

If you are in the market for training in hair and make up artistry then contact Claire

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