New Product Idea

Been a while since I last posted but I have a good excuse!

I addition to loads of shoots I have also been away because my wife has given birth to a beautiful baby boy! He is just gorgeous and such a good little boy, well not little he was 9lb 4oz. I'm sure he will be making an appearance on the blog soon.

While waiting for baby to arrive I was working on an idea for a new product / shoot. The idea was to have people duplicated in a single image. Well my daughter was just sitting around doing nothing so I set up the shot below.

markoutram | markoutram.comI have had this printed on a greetings card from a great new suppler and it is just brilliant, it would also look great as a canvas or acrylic print!

This shoot is priced at £50 including a 10 x 8 print so if you would like to book this shoot then click here to make a booking.