Strobist, Storbisim, Off camera lighting etc...

I'm not going to make a post about what Strobist is because this website will tell you all you want to know.

I wanted to make a post about why strobist is fast becoming my favourite method of photography.

The image below is a image taken with natural light, as you can see it is pretty plain despite Frankie's, our models, best efforts.

markoutram | markoutram.comThis second image, taken just two minutes later, has been made using strobist technique. In this case it was many hundreds of watt seconds of profoto flash to make a more dramatic image.

markoutram | markoutram.comAs you can see this is a much more interesting looking image.

This key for me with strobist is the ability to control the exposure of the background and the foreground separately, there is loads more information on this on the official strobist website, i would really recommend spending some time checking it out.

Im sure you can see why this is becoming fast becoming my favourite technique!

Strobist info : 250th Second, f22, ISO 100, bare profoto head at full power high camera right.